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GPS 18x-5HzGarmin GPS 18x-5Hz high sensitivity WASS enabled OEM GPS sensor for use in machine control, guidance and agricultural applications that require 5 Hz position and velocity reports. Small, highly accurate GPS receiver.
BU353-S4 BU353-S4 USGlobalSat USB GPS receiver highly sensitive, low power consumption chipset in a ultra compact form factor. Powered by a SiRF Star IV GPS chipset. Superior  performance in urban canyons, dense foliage.
GB-580P Cycling computer  GB-580P GPS  Bike computer by USGlobalSat. Slim sports watch profile. High performance GPS chipset, high resolution display with e-ink-like qualities under sunlight, a "Trainer Mode", 
GPS 16xLVS Garmin GPS sensor features a high-sensitivity receiver, integrated antenna and rugged, waterproof design that makes it useful for a variety of OEM applications.
eXact Precision NV Scope KiteXact Precision NV Scope Kit 2.6 x 44 eXact Precision night vision Scope can be used for multitude of applications including paintball, security surveillance or as a handheld monocular
PX555U Holzberg PX-555U
 Compact Professional Portable UHF Two-Way Radio FM Transceiver. 450 to 470MHz, 4 W, 16-chsnls.
NONM3XGNONM3XG - Night Owl Optics NexGen 3x Night Vision Scope. 500x Ambient light amplification, powerful Infrared Illumination,

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa
Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa (Garmin)   
ID # 010-01862-01     Our Price: $149.95


What You Love About Amazon Alexa — Now in Your Vehicle

  • Ask Alexa in your car to play music from Amazon Music, Pandora® Sirius XM® and more; Additional streaming services, such as Spotify®, are expected to be added as available
  • Use Garmin turn-by-turn navigation by saying, “Alexa, ask Garmin … ”
  • Ask Alexa to create to-do lists, play games, check your calendar, weather/traffic and control smart home devices
  • The Garmin Speak app works with your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone relying on a suitable cellular data connection; Use your phone’s Bluetooth or an AUX cable to hear audio through your car stereo
  • Garmin Speak will continue to get smarter as new features and skills are available through automatic updates


Turn words into actions with Garmin Speak voice service, your always-ready driving companion¹. This small, interactive device combines the hands-free convenience of Amazon’s popular Alexa Voice Service technology with reliable Garmin GPS street navigation.

It works with the audio system in your vehicle, providing high-quality sound through your existing car stereo speakers². It also leverages the growing list of Amazon Alexa Skills to bring you a full range of voice-activated audio infotainment, smart home automation and other lifestyle-enhancing features on the go. Plus, exclusive Garmin-connected GPS navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions to specific destinations, activated by simply saying, “Alexa, ask Garmin … ” Anywhere you want to go, Garmin Speak makes the going easier, smarter and more enjoyable.

Enjoy Music, Infotainment and More

If you can ask a simple question or pose a straightforward request, you’re ready to use Garmin Speak to bring Amazon Alexa Voice Service into your vehicle.Just say the word, and you can connect with a wide array of free and subscription-based music services. Ask Alexa in your car to play music from Amazon Music, Pandora®, Sirius XM® and more. Additional streaming services, such as Spotify®, are expected to be added as available. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Prime Music lets you stream3 and enjoy more than 2 million songs. You can also play audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, and more. If it’s information you’re seeking, you can ask Alexa to look up answers to your questions in Wikipedia or provide the latest weather report, traffic update, news briefing or your favorite podcast.

Enjoy Music, Infotainment and More

Your Go-to on the Go

Garmin Speak voice service lets you keep both hands on the wheel while using your voice to activate, access and interact with various Alexa Skills. It’s easy to create shopping, grocery and to-do lists — and then tell Alexa to add any items you think of while en route. For real convenience, just ask Alexa to put items in your online “shopping cart” and to order them for home delivery. You can also ask Alexa to check what’s on your calendar for today — or add an appointment to it. Locate a gas station. Or make a dinner reservation. You can also follow the latest sports scores, or find out how your stocks are trending. There are thousands of Alexa Skills available for download from the Alexa Skills Store. Just say the word, and Alexa is ready to make things happen.

Your Go-to on the Go

Drive with Garmin GPS Directions

Unlike other Amazon Alexa solutions designed for home or office, Garmin Speak is the only device that integrates in-vehicle Alexa Voice Service with exclusive Garmin GPS turn-by-turn navigation4. Just tell it where you need to go (“Alexa, ask Garmin to find the nearest gas station”), and Garmin Speak does the rest. Responding to your voice commands, the device provides spoken directions with street names and shows arrows with audio prompts to indicate which lane you need to be in for your next turn or upcoming exit. There are no fees or subscriptions required for your navigation data. Map information is automatically kept up to date. And live updates on current traffic conditions and possible delays are yours for the asking.

Drive with Garmin GPS Directions

Remotely Control Home Devices

With wireless “smart” home connectivity, Alexa adds to your comfort and convenience by letting you remotely control various compatible devices and systems — including lights, locks, thermostat and more — via spoken commands from your vehicle. For example, if you forget to lock your front door, you can do so remotely from your car without turning back when you’re already into your commute. Or, if you realize you won’t be home for some time, you can remotely reset the thermostat so you’re not cooling an empty home. It’s automation that works to make life simpler.

Remotely Control Home Devices

Keep Traveling Companions Entertained

When you’re on the road, Garmin Speak voice service can help keep passengers entertained with interactive games, trivia and more. They can even ask Alexa to pick a card, flip a coin or tell a few jokes. Garmin Speak is a congenial road companion that always travels light.

Keep Traveling Companions Entertained

Connect with Your Car Stereo

With its small footprint and compact design, the Garmin Speak device mounts unobtrusively on your windshield. Simply download the free Garmin Speak app to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Garmin Speak will use your phone’s data connection to stream Alexa responses through your vehicle’s stereo system via Bluetooth or AUX port cable.

Connect with Your Car Stereo

Garmin Speak

1Drivers should focus on driving and only use this device when safe to do so
2For vehicles that do not have Bluetooth or an AUX input, sound will be delivered through the Garmin Speak device
3Audio streaming requires download of the free Garmin Speak app to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, then connect using Bluetooth or AUX
4 During setup users will enable the free Garmin Speak skill for exclusive Garmin turn-by-turn GPS navigation featuring always up-to-date maps of North America.

Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Garmin is under license. © 2017 Sirius XM Radio Inc.

In the box:

  • Garmin Speak™ with Amazon Alexa
  • Low-profile magnetic mount
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Quick-start manual


Physical & Performance  
Product dimensions:37.5 mm x 37.7 mm
Display size:17.2 mm x 9.6 mm (0.68" x 0.38")
Display resolution:114 x 64 pixels
Display type:OLED with LED light ring
Weight:37.6 g
Power:vehicle power cable (included)
Magnetic mount:yes
2 microphones, beamforming technology:yes
Built-in speaker:yes
Voice control:yes

Amazon's Alexa voice service:You can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Garmin Speak. Alexa lives in the cloud, so it's always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically.
Music:Connect with a wide array of free- and subscription-based music services. Ask Alexa for music by artist, title or genre (Spotify not supported at this time).
News and Infotainment:Listen to news, audiobooks, podcasts and more
Time management:Place orders for home delivery, shop Amazon, etc
Smart home:Remotely control smart home devices
Access to Alexa skills:Customize features and explore thousands of skills in the Alexa app or the Alexa Skills Store. Some skills require linking to your Amazon account.

Garmin Navigation
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation:yes. Enable the Garmin Speak skill for free, exclusive Garmin navigation. Just say, "Alexa, ask Garmin…"
Automatic map updates:yes
Connected navigation (Cloud-based navigation):yes
Spoken turn-by-turn directions:yes
Lane guidance:yes
Hands-free calling:Accept/decline incoming calls
Saved places (home, work, school):yes

Smartphone compatibility:Compatible with Android™ 5.0 and later. Made for iPhone® 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5; iPad Pro® (12.9 inch) 1st and 2nd generation, iPad Pro (10.5 inch), iPad Pro (9.7 inch); iPad mini™ 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad Air® 2, iPad Air, iPad® 2 and iPad 3rd generation, 4th generation and 5th generation.
Requires Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone:yes
Requires cellular data connection:yes
Stream media and Alexa responses through vehicle stereo:yes
Works with vehicle stereo:Connect via AUX (cable sold separately) or Bluetooth

Garmin Speak app:Requires download of the free app to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone during setup.
Alexa app:Use the free app and connect to your Amazon account.

Specifications, price and availability are subject to change without notice.
Gross Weight: 0.2  lbs.

Extended Warranty Options ...
A-RMM33003-Year Warranty$32.95
A-RMM53005-Year Warranty$53.49
A-RMSCP22-Year Screen Protection Warranty$83.99
A-RMSCP33-Year Screen Protection Warranty$154.98
A-RMSCP55-Year Screen Protection Warranty$281.48
A-RMX2001-Year Replacement Warranty$19.99
A-RMEXPT5001 Year Export Warranty$37.49

Has Accessories ...List PriceOur Price  
High-Speed Multi-charger
010-10723-17High speed Multi-charger$25.95
USB Power adapter
010-11921-17USB Power Adapter$24.95
Low Profile Magnetic Mount
010-12530-00Low Profile Magnetic Mount$9.95

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