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GPS 18x-5HzGarmin GPS 18x-5Hz high sensitivity WASS enabled OEM GPS sensor for use in machine control, guidance and agricultural applications that require 5 Hz position and velocity reports. Small, highly accurate GPS receiver.
BU353-S4 BU353-S4 USGlobalSat USB GPS receiver highly sensitive, low power consumption chipset in a ultra compact form factor. Powered by a SiRF Star IV GPS chipset. Superior  performance in urban canyons, dense foliage.
GB-580P Cycling computer  GB-580P GPS  Bike computer by USGlobalSat. Slim sports watch profile. High performance GPS chipset, high resolution display with e-ink-like qualities under sunlight, a "Trainer Mode", 
GPS 16xLVS Garmin GPS sensor features a high-sensitivity receiver, integrated antenna and rugged, waterproof design that makes it useful for a variety of OEM applications.
eXact Precision NV Scope KiteXact Precision NV Scope Kit 2.6 x 44 eXact Precision night vision Scope can be used for multitude of applications including paintball, security surveillance or as a handheld monocular
PX555U Holzberg PX-555U
 Compact Professional Portable UHF Two-Way Radio FM Transceiver. 450 to 470MHz, 4 W, 16-chsnls.
NONM3XGNONM3XG - Night Owl Optics NexGen 3x Night Vision Scope. 500x Ambient light amplification, powerful Infrared Illumination,

New Communication Product Arrivals
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1 PRO 505XL

ID # pro505xl
Reg. Price $39.99
Our Price $35.95
Uniden compact CB transceiver incorporates state-of-the-art microelectronics into a sophisticated Euro-styled 2-way radio.
2 1001Z

ID # 1001Z
Reg. Price $49.99
Our Price $36.95
Midland CB Radio is built for the road with 40 channels, 4-Watt output power, and backed up with a 3 year warranty by Midland.
3 75-785

ID # 75-785
Reg. Price $65.99
Our Price $55.95
Midland durable CB radio is built to go wherever you go with HI/LO power settings to prolong battery life.
4 BC 680
BC 680

ID # BC680
Reg. Price $89.99
Our Price $75.95
Uniden CB Radio, Digital S/RF Meter, Mic gain, Wireless Mic compatible and more
5 GXT 1050VP4
GXT 1050VP4

ID # GXT1050VP4
Reg. Price $99.99
Our Price $85.95
Midland GMRS Extra 28 Channels for Increased Privacy, XTRA TALK Power- Maximum Allowed by Law up to 36 Mile Range. Waterproof Against Splashing Water
6 BC 355N
BC 355N

ID # BC355N
Reg. Price $99.99
Our Price $95.95
Uniden 800 MHz Base / Mobile Scanner with Narrowband Compatibility. With 300 Channels, Close Call® RF Capture Technology with Do-Not-Disturb, and Temporary Lockouts.
7 PC 787
PC 787

ID # PC787
Reg. Price $119.99
Our Price $98.95
Uniden CB Radio has extra-large S/RF/SWR meter. Integrated SWR meter, mic and RF gain, weather alert, noise blanker, automatic noise limiter, instant channel 9/19, and more.
8 GMR 5089-2CKHS
GMR 5089-2CKHS

ID # GMR5089-2CKHS
Reg. Price $119.99
Our Price $94.95
Uniden 50 Mile Range FRS/GMRS Radios With 2 VOX Headsets And 2 Carabiners and more.

Reg. Price $119.99
Our Price $93.95
Uniden 200 Channel Handheld Scanner with 800 MHz Coverage. Versatile, compact and easy to use. Includes Close Call™ RF capture technology designed to help detect and identify strong local radio signals in your area. PC programmable (software not included)
10 25LX

ID # 25LX
Reg. Price $129.95
Our Price $89.95
Cobra modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and very dark conditi
11 Oceanus D UM415BK
Oceanus D UM415BK

ID # UM415BK
Reg. Price $139.00
Our Price $131.95
Uniden Oceanus D UM415BK 25 watt full-featured fixed mount VHF marine radio is designed with a shorter chassis for more versatile installations.
12 29 LX
29 LX

ID # 29LX
Reg. Price $149.95
Our Price $105.95
Cobra 50th Anniversary CB Radio. Provideds the highest quality Citizen Band radios to meet the needs of the professional driver.
13 RK 5640
RK 5640

ID # RK5640
Reg. Price $149.99
Our Price $144.95
RoadKing - 40 Channel CB Radio with USB Port and RK56NC Mic
14 Solara D UM380BK
Solara D UM380BK

ID # UM380
Reg. Price $149.99
Our Price $109.95
Uniden Compact Class D DSC Marine Radio. Equipped with a rugged front microphone, and is packed with features including full DSC capability and S.A.M.E. emergency weather alert. 1 Watt/25 Watt Transmit Power.
15 BC125AT

ID # BC125AT
Reg. Price $164.99
Our Price $120.95
Uniden 500 Alpha Tagged Channel in 10 Banks. Bearcat Handheld Scanner.
16 BC 980 SSB
BC 980 SSB

Reg. Price $179.99
Our Price $136.95
Uniden CB Radio. Tough and powerful, large easy-to-read display, new features including Single Side Band USB/LSB, Clarifier, 7 Color Display Backlighting, Noise Cancelling Mic, and Wireless Mic Compatibility.
17 29 LX BT
29 LX BT

Reg. Price $189.95
Our Price $146.95
Cobra CB radio with LCD display and Bluetooth Wireless Technology
18 BC 346XTC

Our Price $226.95
Uniden Portable Compact Handheld Scanner.
19 F6-8

ID # F6-8
Reg. Price $235.00
Our Price $137.95
Holzberg Compact Professional Portable VHF Two-Way Radio FM Transceiver
20 BCT 15X

Reg. Price $249.99
Our Price $177.95
Uniden BearTracker Scanner with 9,000 Channels and GPS Support
21 CX-3600HP

ID # CX3600HP
Reg. Price $429.95
Our Price $314.95
Connex AM/FM 10 Meter Mobile Radio with 100W watts peak power. Large display and clear loud audio. Backlit control panel with 6 selectable colors. Echo/talkback, Roger Beep, and more.
22 BCD 396XT

Our Price $454.95
Uniden compact handheld scanner comes equipped with Uniden's exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF® Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility.
23 BCD396T

ID # 26
Reg. Price $549.99
Our Price $478.95
Uniden, TrunkTracker IV (Motorola APCO 25 Digital, Motorola, EDACS, LTR), 6000 Dynamically Allocated channels and Close Call RF™ Capture Technology. Continuous Band Coverage - 25MHz to 1.3GHz...
24 BCD996XT

Reg. Price $549.99
Our Price $454.95
Uniden Digital Mobile Scanner with 25,000 Channels and GPS Support. Comes equipped with Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF Capture Technology, and
25 TRX-1

ID # TRX-1
Reg. Price $649.95
Our Price $489.95
Whistler Digital Scanner Radio - HANDHELD. Multi-system adaptive digital trunking with Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA, Phase II and DMR. Special price while in stock. Availability may change without notice.
26 WS 1095
WS 1095

ID # WS1095
Reg. Price $699.95
Our Price $512.95
Whistler, Desktop/Mobile EZ Digital Scanner. Multi-system adaptive Digital tracking trunking scanner with Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA and Phase II capabilities. All USA/Canada services and frequencies are pre-programmed onto the included SD card making
27 PSR 600
PSR 600

ID # 125
Reg. Price $699.99
Our Price $389.95
GRE Digital Triple Trunking Desktop / Mobile Scanner, Powerful Spectrum Sweeper, SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting, Large Speaker
28 VHF 300
VHF 300

ID # 010-00756-10
Our Price $679.95
Garmin VHF marine receiver combines radio communication 1 or 25 W of transmit power with multi-station support to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to safely navigate and communicate on the open waters. Comes standard with a 2-way hailer s
29 PSR 500
PSR 500

ID # 120
Reg. Price $699.99
Our Price $389.95
GRE Digital Triple Trunking Handheld Scanner, Spectrum Sweeper, SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting, Compact Case Design with Large Speaker

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