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echoMAP 50s (With Transducer)
No Longer Available    echoMAP 50s (With Transducer) (Garmin)
ID # 010-01136-00


An Amazing Combo with a 5" Display

  • 5" VGA display
  • HD-ID™ sonar
  • 500W (77/200 kHz) transducer
  • 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Wireless connectivity
echoMAP™ 50s

echoMAP 50s is an amazing chartplotter and fishfinder combination. Its crystal-clear 5" display provides clear target separation, allows visibility both day and night, and has a user interface that anyone can navigate. It comes with a worldwide basemap and U.S. BlueChart g2.

Super-fast 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS

With the integration of a 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver, the 50s refreshes position and heading up to 10 times per second. It displays constant and fluid on-screen location and proves to be incredibly accurate when marking waypoints and navigating.

Advanced Echo HD-ID Sonar

In addition to the integrated receiver, echoMAP 50s also allows for sonar recording. This feature coordinates the timing of the sonar return in relation to the boat’s position — so every one of the available 5,000 waypoints will be accurate and precise. It's an absolute must when locating and pinpointing the next hot fishing spot.

Transducer and Wireless Connectivity

Included with echoMAP 50s is a dual-beam transducer that transmits a 77/200 kHz signal. It also has wireless connectivity capability, giving you the opportunity to connect and access marine-specific apps via smartphone or tablet.

New Charts Guarantee LakeVü HD Ultra

In the box:

  • echoMAP 50s
  • Power/data cable or power/data/sonar cable
  • Tilt/swivel mount
  • Flush mount kit
  • Protective cover
  • Bezel
  • Documentation


Physical & Performance

Unit dimensions, WxHxD5.9" x 6.1" x 2.4" (15.0 x 15.5 x 6.1 cm)
Display size, WxH3.0" x 4.0", 5.0" diagonal (7.6 x 10.2 cm, 12.7 cm diagonal)
Display resolution, WxH480 x 640 pixels
Display typeVGA display
Weight1.6 lb (0.7 kg)
RoHS version availableyes

Maps & Navigation

Preloaded mapsyes
Ability to add mapsyes
Accepts data cardsdual microSD™ card slots
Track log50,000 points; 50 saved tracks


Frequency200 / 77kHz
Transmit power500W (RMS) / 4,000W (peak to peak)
Voltage range10V-32V input
Maximum depth1,900 ft fresh water / 700 ft salt water (depth capacity is dependent on water bottom type and other water conditions)
CANet® compatibleno
Supports AIS (tracks target ships' position)yes
Supports DSC (displays position data from DSC capable VHF radio)yes
Audible alarmsyes
Tide tablesyes
Sun and moon informationyes
3-D map viewno
Dual-frequency sonar capableno
Dual-beam sonar capable yes
Split-screen zoomyes
Split-screen sonar/gpsyes
Ultrascroll® (displays fish targets at higher boat speeds)yes
See-thru® technology (exposes fish hidden in cover)yes
AutoGain Technology (minimizes clutter, maximizes targets)yes
Whiteline (indicates hard or soft bottom)no
Adjustable depth line (measures depth of underwater objects)yes
A-scope (real time display of fish passing through transducer beam)yes
Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom up)yes
Water temperature log and graphyes
Water temperature sensor includedyes
Fish Symbol ID (helps identify fish targets)yes

Wireless connectivity: yes

HD-ID tracking technology: yes

Sonar recording: yes

Specifications, price and availability are subject to change without notice.
Gross Weight: 0.1  lbs.

Extended Warranty Options ...
A-RMM35003-Year Warranty$37.49
A-RMM55005-Year Warranty$66.49
A-RMSCP22-Year Screen Protection Warranty$83.99
A-RMSCP33-Year Screen Protection Warranty$154.98
A-RMSCP55-Year Screen Protection Warranty$281.48
A-RMX5001-Year Replacement Warranty$49.99
A-RMEXPT5001 Year Export Warranty$37.49

Has Accessories ...List PriceOur Price  
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010-11966-00Mounting Bracket$19.95
010-11968-00Second Mounting Station$44.99$42.95
010-11977-00Flush Mount Kit$9.95
010-11994-00Flat Mount Kit$49.99$47.95
010-11948-004-pin Transducer to 8-pin Sounder Adapter Cable$11.95
010-11970-00Power Cable (8-pin)$22.99$21.95
010-11613-00Adapter Cable$69.99$64.95
010-11617-00Extension Cable, 10 ft (8-pin)$89.99$84.95
Cases and Covers
010-11971-00Protective Cover$14.99$14.45
010-12017-00GA 38 GPS/GLONASS Antenna$69.99$59.95
010-10279-03Water Speed Sensor (8-pin)$139.99$129.95
010-10365-20Speed and Temperature Sensor (8-pin) - ST850$159.99$147.95
010-10717-20T80 Water Temperature Probe (8-Pin)$139.99$129.95
010-12056-00microSD Card Door$4.95
010-C1088-00LakeVu HD Ultra - West US102R$149.99$132.95
010-C1089-00LakeVu™ HD Ultra - North Central LVUS102R$149.99$132.95
010-C1091-00LakeVu™ HD Ultra - South Central LVUS104R$149.99$132.95
010-C1090-00LakeVu™ HD Ultra - Northeast LVUS103R$149.99$132.95
010-C1092-00LakeVu™ HD Ultra - Southeast LVUS105R$149.99$132.95
010-11314-50TOPO U.S. 24K West DVDNo Longer Available.
Click for possible alternatives and accessories
010-11315-50TOPO U.S. 24K Southwest DVD$129.99$99.95
010-10469-00TOPO Canada DVDNo Longer Available.
Click for possible alternatives and accessories
010-C1012-00TOPO Canada - West$86.14$74.95
010-C1010-00TOPO Canada - Northwest$86.14$74.95
010-C1011-00TOPO Canada - Nunavut$86.14$74.95
010-C1013-00TOPO Canada - Central$86.14$74.95
010-C1009-00TOPO Canada - East$86.14$74.95

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