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1Cable SocketCable Socket

Garmin 330-00346-06
Garmin, 6-pin Flex Cable Socket
2Cable SocketCable Socket

Garmin 330-00346-08
Garmin, 8-pin Flex Cable Socket
3Flex CableFlex Cable

Garmin 310-00040-00
Garmin, 6-pin Flex Cable (over-all length 51mm, width 7mm)
4Header Cable OEM-406CAHeader Cable OEM-406CA

USGlobalSat HeaderCable
USGlobalSat Interface cable w/6-pin connector for EM-401/ EM-406/EM408 GPS engine boards. (1-3/4 inch end-to-end)
5Flex CableFlex Cable

Garmin 310-00040-01
Garmin, 8-pin Flex Cable (over-all length 51mm, width 9mm)
6Power Adapter NokiaPower Adapter Nokia

Garmin 010-10886-00
Garmin Power adapter, Nokia w/small adapter
7Power Adapter SamsungPower Adapter Samsung

Garmin 010-10835-00
Garmin Power adapter, Samsung SGH-i600 series
8Power Adapter NokiaPower Adapter Nokia

Garmin 010-10829-00
Garmin Power adapter, for Nokia w/large adapter
9Power Adapter mini USBPower Adapter mini USB

Garmin 010-10830-00
Garmin Power adapter, mini-UBS
10Power Adapter HTC PDAPower Adapter HTC PDA

Garmin 010-10831-00
Garmin Power adapter, HTC PDA
11Power Adapter MotorolaPower Adapter Motorola

Garmin 010-10832-00
Garmin Power adapter, Motorola
12Power Adapter PanasonicPower Adapter Panasonic

Garmin 010-10833-00
Garmin Power adapter, Panasonic
13Power Adapter SonyPower Adapter Sony

Garmin 010-10834-00
Garmin Power adapter, Sony

Garmin 325-00118-01
Garmin, 8-pin JST connector with 1mm pitch. Mating wire harness. Over-all length 200mm
15Header Cable ET332-333Header Cable ET332-333

USGlobalSat HeaderCable-ET332-ET333
USGlobalSat 12-pin interface cable for use with ET332 and ET333 GPS Engine boards.
16Update Rate Select CableUpdate Rate Select Cable

Garmin 010-11824-01
Garmin replacement cable helps limit output position updates on the GHP 19x HVS antenna to once per second
17Cable Adapter MMCX-to-SMACable Adapter MMCX-to-SMA

USGlobalSat MMCX-to-SMA
USGlobalSat MMCX-to-SMA 6'' Adapter cable
18BNC to RCA AdapterBNC to RCA Adapter

Garmin 010-11376-00
Garmin BNC to RCA Adapter

USGlobalSat MCXtoSMA
USGlobalSat MCX-to-SMA 6 inch long adapter cable for GPS engine boards.
20Charging Clip for TT10Charging Clip for TT10

Garmin 010-11828-00
Garmin chargin clip for TT 10. Power cable not included (sold separately)
21Cable (LIDAR-Lite v3)Cable (LIDAR-Lite v3)

Garmin 010-12524-00
Garmin Cable for LIDA-LITE V3

USGlobalSat BT359-005A
USGlobalSat 12V-24V charger for GPS BT359 and TR 203
23Terminator - FemaleTerminator - Female

Garmin 010-11081-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 terminator, FEMALE.
24Terminator - MaleTerminator - Male

Garmin 010-11080-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 terminator, MALE
25Split Adapter CableSplit Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-11828-01
Garmin split adapter cable allows you to recharge your Alpha and TT 10 devices in your vehicle at the same time.
26PC interface cablePC interface cable

Garmin 010-10484-00
Garmin, PC interface cable, RS232 serial port connector.
27USB CableUSB Cable

Garmin 010-10477-03
Garmin, USB Cable
28MicroUSB CableMicroUSB Cable

Garmin 010-11478-01
Garmin MicroUSB Cable, use it to update your device software, download new vehicle icons and much more.
29USB cableUSB cable

Garmin 010-10723-01
Garmin, GPS USB cable (replacement)
30USB CableUSB Cable

Garmin 010-10723-15
Garmin USB Cable
31Terminator - In lineTerminator - In line

Garmin 010-11096-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 in-line terminator
32Video CableVideo Cable

Garmin 010-11541-00
Garmin Video Cable (for backup camera)
33Transducer AdapterTransducer Adapter

Garmin 010-11614-00
Garmin Transducer Adapter (Female 6-pin to Male 4-pin)
34Transducer AdapterTransducer Adapter

Garmin 010-11615-00
Garmin Female 4-pin to Male 6-pin Transducer Adapter
35HWPC 12V Hard Wire KitHWPC 12V Hard Wire Kit

USGlobalSat HWPC
USGlobalSat Hard Wire Kit. Eliminate having to plug into the cigarrette lighter to power, or charge your GPS.
36Adapter CableAdapter Cable

Garmin 010-11612-00
Garmin Adapter Cable (6-pin Female to 8-pin Male)
374-pin Transducer to 8-pin Sounder Adapter Cable4-pin Transducer to 8-pin Sounder Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-11948-00
Garmin 4-pin Transducer to 8-pin Sounder Adapter Cable
388-pin Transducer to 4-pin Sounder Adapter Cable 8-pin Transducer to 4-pin Sounder Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-11947-00
Garmin 8-pin Transducer to 4-pin Sounder Adapter Cable.
39BR305-RS232   Cable kitBR305-RS232 Cable kit

USGlobalSat 204350
USGlobalSat, BR305-RS232 cable kit for MR-350 GPS and Laptop PC interface.
40Power Cable NMEA 2000Power Cable NMEA 2000

Garmin 010-11079-00
Garmin 2 m (6.56 ft) NMEA 2000 power cable to provide power to your NMEA 2000 network.
41Drop Cable (1ft)Drop Cable (1ft)

Garmin 010-11076-03
Garmin NMEA 2000 backbone/drop cable (1ft)
42Extension CableExtension Cable

Garmin 010-10617-02
Garmin, GXM 30 USB extension cable (replacement)
43Charging CradleCharging Cradle

Garmin 010-11029-03
Garmin charging cradle recharges compatible Forerunner fitness devices.
44Charging  / Data ClipCharging / Data Clip

Garmin 010-11029-02
Garmin Complete two tasks with one cable using our charging/data clip. Connect the cable to your computer's USB port to recharge your Forerunner® and to transfer data to and from your computer
45Charger ClipCharger Clip

Garmin 010-11029-01
Garmin Charging Clip, for Forerunner x05 series and x10 series
46Charging / Data ClipCharging / Data Clip

Garmin 010-11961-00
Garmin Complete 2 tasks with 1 cable using our charging/data clip.

Garmin 010-11078-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 T-connector
48Silicone CaseSilicone Case

Garmin 010-12178-04
Garmin Silicone Case, Camo for eTrex Touch 25/35
49Power CablePower Cable

Garmin 010-11678-00
Garmin Power cable
50Motorcycle Power CableMotorcycle Power Cable

Garmin 010-10861-00
Garmin, Motorcycle Power Cable.
51Cable AssemblyCable Assembly

Garmin 320-00031-00
Garmin, 8 ft. cable assembly, RG174 with single male MCX
52Data CableData Cable

Garmin 010-10205-00
Garmin, Data Cable (bare data wires)
53Power Data CablePower Data Cable

Garmin 010-10917-00
Garmin Power/data cable.
54Power/data CablePower/data Cable

Garmin 010-11074-00
Garmin Power/data Cable (7-pin)
55External Mic AdapterExternal Mic Adapter

Garmin 010-11921-18
Garmin External Microphone AdapterNo Longer Available.
Click for possible alternatives and accessories
5612V Adapter Cable12V Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-10085-00
Garmin, Cigarette lighter adapter for GPS II+, III+, GPS V, 12CX, 12MAP, 48, StreetPilot, ColorMap, GPS 76, GPSMAP 76, 176, 176C
57Adapter CableAdapter Cable

Garmin 010-10516-00
Garmin, 12-volt adapter
58Charger CableCharger Cable

Garmin 010-10595-00
Garmin, 12-volt charger cable.
59BR305-USB8 Cable kitBR305-USB8 Cable kit

USGlobalSat BR305-USB8
USGlobalSat USB Cable set for use with BR-355, MR350P series GPS.
60Power Cable (echo Series)Power Cable (echo Series)

Garmin 010-11678-10
Garmin 6 ft (1.8 m), 4-pin cable.
61Power Cable (1.5m)Power Cable (1.5m)

Garmin 010-11182-00
Garmin Power cable, 1.5 meter
62Power Data CablePower Data Cable

Garmin 010-10918-00
Garmin Power/data cable is for the 400 and 500-Series Fishfinders and Sounders. This cable will not work with Chartplotters.
63Vehicle power cableVehicle power cable

Garmin 010-11838-00
Garmin Vehicle power cable. Compatible with all nuvi®, zumo®, dezl™ 560, nuLink!®, Oregon®, Approach®, Dakota®, Edge®, eTrex®, GPSMAP® 62, GPSMAP® 78 and Montana® series
64Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-11478-03
Garmin vehicle power cable.
657-pin Power/Data Cable with 90-degree Connector7-pin Power/Data Cable with 90-degree Connector

Garmin 010-11129-00
Garmin 7-pin Power/Data Cable with 90-degree Connector
66Drop Cable (2m)Drop Cable (2m)

Garmin 010-11076-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 backbone / drop cable (2m)
67MCX to BNC adapter cableMCX to BNC adapter cable

Garmin 010-10121-00
Garmin, MCX to BNC adapter cable
68AC adapter cableAC adapter cable

Garmin 010-10723-00
Garmin AC adapter cable: includes international adapters
69AC Adapter CableAC Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-11873-00
Garmin replacement adapter cable for your Alpha and TT 10.
70Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-11872-00
Garmin 12 V adapter plugs in your standard cigarette lighter receptacle.
71USB Mini-B CableUSB Mini-B Cable

Garmin 010-12117-00
Garmin USB mini-B cable.
72Power Cable (8-pin)Power Cable (8-pin)

Garmin 010-11970-00
Garmin Power Cable (8-pin)
73fenix USB/Charger Cablefenix USB/Charger Cable

Garmin 010-11814-10
Garmin USB / Charger Cable (replacement)
74Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-11382-02
Garmin Vehicle Power Cable
75Power/Data CablePower/Data Cable

Garmin 010-10082-00
Garmin, Power/data cable has bare wires at the end so you can hard wire your GPS ... For GPS12CX,12MAP, 12XL, 48, GPS II+, GPS III+, GPS V, StreetPilot, ColorMap, GPS 76, GPSMAP 76
76Power / Data CablePower / Data Cable

Garmin 010-10513-00
Garmin, Power/data cable (bare wires).
77Vehicle charging clipVehicle charging clip

Garmin 010-11666-00
Garmin Charge your device on the go with our 12-volt in-vehicle adapter.
78Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-10851-12
Garmin Vehicle Power Cable
7912V Adapter Cable12V Adapter Cable

Garmin 010-10747-03
Garmin, 12 Volt Adapter Cable
80Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-10723-14
Garmin Vehicle Power Cable
81Vehicle power cableVehicle power cable

Garmin 010-10851-11
Garmin Vehicle power cable
82Vehicle Power CableVehicle Power Cable

Garmin 010-11212-10
Garmin Vehicle Power Cable for use with Nuvifone.
83Cigarette Lighter AdapterCigarette Lighter Adapter

Garmin 010-10723-06
Garmin, 12V Cigarette lighter adapter. For Nuvi 350.
84Marine network cableMarine network cable

Garmin 010-10550-00
Garmin, 6ft Marine network cable, RJ45
85Cig. Ltr. AdapterCig. Ltr. Adapter

Garmin 010-10208-00
Garmin, Cigarette lighter adapter for FishFinder 100, 160, 240, GPS168 Sounder, GPS 185 Sounder.No Longer Available.
Click for possible alternatives and accessories
86Adapter cableAdapter cable

Garmin 010-10210-00
Garmin, Retrofit adapter cable (used when replacing previous GARMIN models)
87Video Extension CableVideo Extension Cable

Garmin 010-11376-02
Garmin 5m Video extension cable.
88Vehicle Power Cable, DC40Vehicle Power Cable, DC40

Garmin 010-10855-20
Garmin Vehicle Power cable for DC 40.
89Drop Cable (6m)Drop Cable (6m)

Garmin 010-11076-01
Garmin NMEA 2000 backbone cable (6m)
90NMEA 0183 Threaded CableNMEA 0183 Threaded Cable

Garmin 010-11425-02
Garmin NMEA 0183 Threaded Cable, Right Angle (6 ft).No Longer Available.
Click for possible alternatives and accessories
91NMEA 0183 Threaded Cable, Right Angle (6 ft)NMEA 0183 Threaded Cable, Right Angle (6 ft)

Garmin 010-11425-05
Garmin NMEA 0183 Threaded Cable, Right Angle (6 ft)
92Adapter Cable with XIDAdapter Cable with XID

Garmin 010-12122-10
Garmin 8-pin Transducer to 12-pin Sounder Adapter Cable with XID
93Drop Cable (13ft / 4m)Drop Cable (13ft / 4m)

Garmin 010-11076-04
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cable, (13 ft/4 m)
94HUD ChargerHUD Charger

Garmin 010-12024-11
Garmin plug-and-play charger for HUD.
9512 Volt Charger Cable12 Volt Charger Cable

Garmin 010-10412-00
Garmin, 12-volt charger cable for iQue 3600 PDA
96Connector - FemaleConnector - Female

Garmin 010-11095-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 field-installable connector, female
97Connector - MaleConnector - Male

Garmin 010-11094-00
Garmin NMEA 2000 field-installable connector, male.
98Power CablePower Cable

Garmin 010-10922-00
Garmin 2-pin replacement power cable with your GPSMAP® 4000/5000 series.
99Motorcycle power/audio cableMotorcycle power/audio cable

Garmin 010-10587-00
Garmin. Motorcycle power/audio cable
100Power/Data CablePower/Data Cable

Garmin 010-11482-00
Garmin Power/Data Cable (threaded

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