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2-Way Communication for all your needs.

We offer Base station radios, Mobile radios and HandHeld radios:

CB radios, VHF Marine radios, GMRS/FRS radios, 10 meter Amateur radios,

Commercial radios, radio Scanners, Antennas and much more..
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Cobrab, 148GTL CB radio, the Original Version. 40 Chs. AM/80SSB Chs., 4 W AM/12 Watts SSB PEP Power, 9' Microphone Cord. Galaxy, DX959, 40 CHs. AM, 80 SSB CB RADIO, Large meter with 4-scales, Five-digit Frequency Display, CB/PA switch ... Cobra, 75WXST, Mobile Compact CB radio w/Weather Chs. So small it fits in the palm of your hand! Holzberg, KY105 VHF radio programmable up to 16 chs, Internal VOX Hands-free operation with optional headset, TX Hi-Low power, Scan mode, Squelch, Repeater Talkaround. Low Battery Alert. We will Program the unit for you. BC355N Uniden, BC355N 800 MHz Base / Mobile Scanner with Narrowband Compatibility. With 300 Channels, Close CallŪ RF Capture Technology with Do-Not-Disturb, and Temporary Lockouts.

PS7KPyramid PS7KX Regulated 12 Volt,
5 Amp. Constant/ 7Amp. Surge, Power Supply
PS12KPyramid PS12KX Regulated 12 Volt, 10 Amp. constant/ 12 Amp. surge, Power Supply


Vanco 426
PL258 Female Splice, Barrel Connector. Double Female UHF.
2PL 259PL 259

Amphenol PL256
Amphenol PL259 Connector For RG8 Coax

Cobra Electronics 425
BNC Connector Adapter to standard antennas, For HandHeld CB Radios and Scanners.

Workman 40002
Workman, Omni-Directional CB Microphone for Cobra/Uniden
5CWA MNT100UNI Universal Mini MountCWA MNT100UNI Universal Mini Mount

Cobra Universal Mini Mount for Cell Phones and Mobile Devices.

Pyramid 752
Pyramid, Waterproof CB Extension Speaker

Valor 401
3' RG8X Coax with PL-259 Connectors

Workman 40010
Workman, Electret Condenser 4-Pin CB Replacement Microphone. For Uniden Pro 510/520

Workman 415
Power Vise Grip Mount.With SO-239 Connector. For antennas up to 48 inch long.
10K-64A   3-Way Mount  w/studK-64A 3-Way Mount w/stud

FireStik 416
FireStik, 3-Way Antenna Mount w/K-4A Stud.
11SP-5   Horn SpeakerSP-5 Horn Speaker

Pyramid 753
Pyramid, All Weather Trumpet Speaker. 8-Ohm w/extension wire and plug. 15 Watts max.

Cobra Electronics 427
Cobra, Wall Charger for PR1000, PR2000, HH37ST, and HH38WXST.

Valor 402
12 ft. RG8X Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors

Vanco CBM85M
Vanco Professional Series 5 Pin DIN Microphone. for Midland CB
1522-405   Earbud / Microphone22-405 Earbud / Microphone

Midland 22405
Midland, Earbud / Microphone, Switchable PTT/VOX functions. See details by clicking on picture.

Valor 400
18' RG8X Coax with PL-259 Connectors
17HG M73   Dinamic MicHG M73 Dinamic Mic

Cobra Electronics 40001
Cobra, HighGearTM Dynamic Mic 4-Pin Microphone

Vanco 40011
Vanco, Electret Condenser 4-Pin CB Replacement Microphone. For Uniden Pro 510/520 and several Cobra CB radios
19TM2002 MicrophoneTM2002 Microphone

RoadPro 40007
RoadPro 4-Pin CB Dynamic Microphone - Black, Configured for Most Cobra/Uniden Radios
20CB 270CB 270

ProCom CB270
ProCom Low Profile Magnet Mount CB Antenna

Valor 293
Valor, 3' Single Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.
22661 BNC661 BNC

Valor 305
Valor, Mobile Scanner Antenna. Magnet Mount with 12' Coax and BNC connector.No Longer Available.
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Uniden 40009
Uniden, 4 Pin Microphone for Uniden CB Fits PRO510XL, PRO520XL

Optek SWR2T
Opek Compact SWR Meter up to 10 Watts.
25TM2009 MicrophoneTM2009 Microphone

TRUCKSPEC 5-Pin Power CB Microphone - Black, Configured for Most Cobra/Uniden Radios

Valor 291
Valor, 4' Single Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.
2782 FL82 FL

Valor 294
Valor, MAGNETIC MOUNT CB ANTENNA, base load, 36 inch
28PDC 30 Antenna MatcherPDC 30 Antenna Matcher

Paradynamics 421
Paradynamics, antenna matcher, Frequency range 26-28 MhzNo Longer Available.
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Cobra Electronics 751
Cobra, Dynamic extension speaker fits all Cobra mobile CB radios.

Midland 453
Midland, 2 Over the ear Microphone Heasets w/PTT. For G-225, G-227 and GXT-300, GXT-500

K40 K40MM
K40, 60mm 3-Way Double Groove Chrome Plated CB Antenna Mirror Mount

Valor 406
25' RG8X Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors

Motorola 56320
Motorola, Earpiece with Boom Microphone. For compatibility list click on the picture.

TruckSpec TM2007
TruckSpec 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone - Black.

Astatic 290
Astatic Dial-a-mtch 2-Foot Base Loaded Magnetic mount CB Antenna KIT with 12 ft Cable and Stainless Steel Rod.
36PDC 7PDC 7

Paradynamics PDC7
Paradynamics, Compact small 10 Watt SWR / Power Meter.
37HG M75HG M75

Cobra Electronics 40003
Cobra, Power Hand Mic W/4-Pin, HighGearTM 70 Series

Motorola 53727
Motorola, Earbud with PTT (push to talk) Microphone. For compatibility list click on the picture.
39PDC 5PDC 5

Paradynamics 422
Paradynamics, antenna matcher, 3-function test meter, Frequency range 26-28 MhzNo Longer Available.
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Uniden BMKG0637001
Uniden 4-pin replacement microphone
41MRMB Scanner AntennaMRMB Scanner Antenna

Hustler MRMB
Hustler MRMB Magnetic Mount mobile Scanner Antenna. 12 foot of RG-58/U coaxial cable with a BNC connector.

Cobra Electronics 450
Cobra, Lapel Mic/Speaker with Push to Talk Control. For Cobra FRS/GMRS Microtalk radios and Hand held CBs.
43SWR 3SWR 3

Optek SWR3
Opek SWR3P 100 Watt SWR/RF Power Meter

Valor 403
Co-Phase Coax cable, Silver Color, 18 ft, 95% shielding. Hooks-up two (2) Antennas.
45AVP-4   Desktop Charger w/batteriesAVP-4 Desktop Charger w/batteries

Midland 454
Midland, Desktop Charger w/batteries, vehicle and AC wall adapters for selected Midland GXT type radios.
46K40MM MaxK40MM Max

K40, Maxi CB Antenna Mirror Mount with 3/8 inch x 24 Bee-Hive Stud and SO-239 Connector

Valor 292
Valor, 4' Dual Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.

Procomm 22" On-Glass Scanner Antenna with 15' RG58/U coax cable.

Cobra Electronics 452
Cobra, EAR BUD Microphone with Push TO Talk Control
50M 40 Magnet for K40M 40 Magnet for K40

K40 Electronics 301
K40 Electronics, M40 - Magnet mount only. Affixes the K40 CB Antenna to a metal surface on virtually any vehicle
51AC 701   Remote intallation Box for 75 WXSTAC 701 Remote intallation Box for 75 WXST

Cobra Electronics 430
Cobra, remote installation box for the 75 WXST CB Radio.

Solarcon 308
Solarcon 48 inch long, 1/2 wave voltage fed antenna, no ground required. Will work on fiberglass vehicles, boats, RV's and even motorcycles. covers the 10-11 meter frequency range,

Antennacraft 310
Antennacraft, Omni-directional Scanner, Base Antenna 30-1300 MHz. This item is Discontinued. Please check the Procomm SP800/50BN No Longer Available.
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K40 Electronics 298
By K40, Magnet mount base loaded Antenna for Maximum performance. Up to 300 Watt power handling.
55B-100 SaturnB-100 Saturn

Workman 306
Workman, Saturn 10/11 meter Base station antenna, Weatherproof, 39 inch long

Valor 405
50' RG8X Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors

Midland 1001Z
Midland CB Radio is built for the road with 40 channels, 4-Watt output power, and backed up with a 3 year warranty by Midland.
58CPI  480CPI 480

Cobra CPI480
Cobra inverter converts battery power to 120 V AC household power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances from your vehicle. 400 W continuous 800W surge. It also has a USB output,

Opek Technologies MFV5
Opek Technologies, superior 3 dB gain 5 feet VHF antenna. 162 MHz for NOAA 162 MHz weather reports.

Valor 407
75' RG8X Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors
61636 L636 L

Astatic 636L
Astatic Noise-Canceling 4-Pin CB Mic. Carbon Fiber Finish.
62PRO 505XLPRO 505XL

Uniden pro505xl
Uniden compact CB transceiver incorporates state-of-the-art microelectronics into a sophisticated Euro-styled 2-way radio.

Astatic 40008
Astatic heavy Duty Power Microphone - 4pin connector, volume control

Motorola 53743
Motorola, Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone. For compatibility list click on picture.

Pyramid PS8KX
Pyramid regulated 12V DC, 6 AMP Constant/8 AMP Surge.

Uniden 4
Uniden - 40 Channel Compact CB Radio with 7 Watt audio output
67Little WilLittle Wil

Wilson 303
Wilson, magnet mount antenna, maximum power handling is approximately 300 watts.
68RK 56BRK 56B

Road King RK56B
RoadKing 4-Pin Dynamic Noise Canceling Rugged hand-held CB microphone.

Valor 410
100' RG8X Coax Cable with PL-259 Connectors
7019DX IV19DX IV

Cobra Electronics 19
Cobra, Compact 40 channel CB radio, illuminated LCD display, RF gain, S/RF meter

Procomm SP800/50
ProComm SP-800/50 Spider Scanner Base Antenna,30-1200 MHz Frequency Range.

Midland 75-785
Midland durable CB radio is built to go wherever you go with HI/LO power settings to prolong battery life.

Uniden 12
Uniden - PRO520XL - Compact Professional Mobile CB Radio with CB/PA Switch.
74Trucker 2000Trucker 2000

Wilson 309
Wilsos CB center loaded antenna 26 MHz to 30 MHz, 49 inch 17-7 spring stainless steel whip
75K40 TRK40 TR

K40 Electronics 299
K40, TRUCKER Center Load CB Antenna, 3500 Watts AM Power Handling Capability (ICAS), for CB and 10 meter radios. 10 inch shaft length and 49 inch stainless 17-7 ph tapered whip

Midland 1001LWX
Midland CB Radio with Weather Scan. Compact, easy to install and operate. Featuring NOAA weather alerts, precision digital tuning, and a large LCD display.

Uniden ATLANTIS150
Uniden Handheld Floating Two-Way VHF Marine Radio. JIS8 Submersible , Floating, Lightweight Design Weather Channel / Weather Alert, One-Touch Channel 16/9, 10 hour battery life

Midland 112
Midland, VHF Marine Value Pack Radio w/88 Channels, 10 NOAA Weather Channels, Water Resistant

Midland 70
Midland GMRS two-way radio with 22 Channels PLUS 14 EXTRA CHANNELS, Up to 30 Mile Range*, NOAA Weather Alert RadioNo Longer Available.
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Midland 113
Midland marine radio value pack Includes USA, Canada, and international marine channels, Waterproof to JIS4 standards ...No Longer Available.
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81MR HH400MR HH400

Cobra Electronics 103
Cobra, Dual Power VHF Marine Transceivers with 10 NOAA Weather Channels, Weather Alert, 10 Channel Memory. Includes Desktop charger NiMH Batteries, 12V Vehicle Adapter and AC Wall Adapter.No Longer Available.
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82K40 BLK40 BL

K40 Electronics 296
K40 Electronics, K40 Baseload Antenna, can be mounted through the roof of the vehicle or on the trunk lip, or with the optional Magnamount bracket, on any metal. Meets U.S. Government MIL-A-55288B-EL for mobile Antennas.

Uniden Pro 538W
Uniden - Mobile 40 Channel CB Radio with 3 Weather Channels, CB/PA switch.No Longer Available.
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Midland 5001Z
Midland 5001z Classic CB Radio is equipped with 4-Watt output power to give you superior range ability with the maximum communication power allowed on the market and is backed with a 3-year warranty by Midland.

SOLARCON, Ground Plane Kit for A99
8618 WX ST II18 WX ST II

Cobra Electronics 6
Cobra, Low-cost mobile CB radio with Soundtracker, channel scan and 10 weather channels.

Uniden 3
Uniden, PC68XL - Pro Series CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch Control, RF Control, 40 Channel Operation. CB/PA switch.No Longer Available.
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Astatic AST-878DM
Astatic, Amplified Ceramic Desk CB Microphone.

Midland 72
Midland X-TRA TALK Power up to 30 Mile range, waterproof, 22 Channels PLUS 20 EXTRA CHANNELS, 142 Privacy Codes, HeadsetNo Longer Available.
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Uniden ATLANTIS200
Uniden Waterproof Handheld VHF Marine Radio, meets JIS4 standards. Features all NOAA emergency weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels.
91Galaxy Base MicGalaxy Base Mic

Galaxy GalaxyBaseMic
Galaxy Power Base mic with Roger Beep, VU-Meter Modulation Meter, Lockable Push-To-Talk and more

Uniden 46
Uniden 200 Channel Handheld Scanner with 800MHz Coverage. Refurbished with Warranty. Great for NASCAR!
93PC 687PC 687

Uniden PC687
Uniden 40 Channel CB Radio has extra-large S/RF meter is easy to read form across the cab. Mic and RF gain, weather alert, noise blanker + automatic noise limiter, instant channel 9, and more.No Longer Available.
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Uniden GMR3689-2CK
Uniden 36-Mile Submersible GMRS/FRS Two-Way Radio
95BC 680BC 680

Uniden BC680
Uniden CB Radio, Digital S/RF Meter, Mic gain, Wireless Mic compatible and more

Midland 79
Midland GMRS FRS radio, waterproof, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, up to 26 mile range, Roger beep and more

Midland GXT1000VP4
Midland GMRS radio. up to 36 Mile Range*. JIS4 Waterproof*, 285 Privacy Codes, 50 channels, SOS Siren, Group Call - Allows you to make "direct calls" to other people within your group without alerting the entire group. Much more...

Uniden 122
Uniden, 100 Channel Scanner, Includes the most interesting

Uniden 5
Uniden, CB Radio - Pro Series with Dynamic Squelch Control, w/ rugged front mic, backlit control knobs, CB/PA switch, 7 weather channels, a weather alert ... No Longer Available.
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Wilson 295
Wilson, Magnet Mount CB Antenna, base loaded. Up to 3000 Watt power handling Capability.

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