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Antennas For all your needs (almost) .........

1CB 270CB 270

ProCom CB270
ProCom Low Profile Magnet Mount CB Antenna
2661 BNC661 BNC

Valor 305
Valor, Mobile Scanner Antenna. Magnet Mount with 12' Coax and BNC connector.No Longer Available.
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Valor 293
Valor, 3' Single Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.

Valor 291
Valor, 4' Single Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.
582 FL82 FL

Valor 294
Valor, MAGNETIC MOUNT CB ANTENNA, base load, 36 inch

Astatic 290
Astatic Dial-a-mtch 2-Foot Base Loaded Magnetic mount CB Antenna KIT with 12 ft Cable and Stainless Steel Rod.
7MRMB Scanner AntennaMRMB Scanner Antenna

Hustler MRMB
Hustler MRMB Magnetic Mount mobile Scanner Antenna. 12 foot of RG-58/U coaxial cable with a BNC connector.

Valor 292
Valor, 4' Dual Fiberglass Mirror Mount Kit.

Procomm 22" On-Glass Scanner Antenna with 15' RG58/U coax cable.
10M 40 Magnet for K40M 40 Magnet for K40

K40 Electronics 301
K40 Electronics, M40 - Magnet mount only. Affixes the K40 CB Antenna to a metal surface on virtually any vehicle

Antennacraft 310
Antennacraft, Omni-directional Scanner, Base Antenna 30-1300 MHz. This item is Discontinued. Please check the Procomm SP800/50BN No Longer Available.
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Solarcon 308
Solarcon 48 inch long, 1/2 wave voltage fed antenna, no ground required. Will work on fiberglass vehicles, boats, RV's and even motorcycles. covers the 10-11 meter frequency range,

K40 Electronics 298
By K40, Magnet mount base loaded Antenna for Maximum performance. Up to 300 Watt power handling.
14B-100 SaturnB-100 Saturn

Workman 306
Workman, Saturn 10/11 meter Base station antenna, Weatherproof, 39 inch long

Opek Technologies MFV5
Opek Technologies, superior 3 dB gain 5 feet VHF antenna. 162 MHz for NOAA 162 MHz weather reports.
16Little WilLittle Wil

Wilson 303
Wilson, magnet mount antenna, maximum power handling is approximately 300 watts.

Procomm SP800/50
ProComm SP-800/50 Spider Scanner Base Antenna,30-1200 MHz Frequency Range.
18Trucker 2000Trucker 2000

Wilson 309
Wilsos CB center loaded antenna 26 MHz to 30 MHz, 49 inch 17-7 spring stainless steel whip
19K40 TRK40 TR

K40 Electronics 299
K40, TRUCKER Center Load CB Antenna, 3500 Watts AM Power Handling Capability (ICAS), for CB and 10 meter radios. 10 inch shaft length and 49 inch stainless 17-7 ph tapered whip
20K40 BLK40 BL

K40 Electronics 296
K40 Electronics, K40 Baseload Antenna, can be mounted through the roof of the vehicle or on the trunk lip, or with the optional Magnamount bracket, on any metal. Meets U.S. Government MIL-A-55288B-EL for mobile Antennas.

SOLARCON, Ground Plane Kit for A99

Wilson 295
Wilson, Magnet Mount CB Antenna, base loaded. Up to 3000 Watt power handling Capability.

Solarcon, 10-17 Meter Base Station Antenna

Wilson 297
Wilson, Trunk Mount Base Loaded CB Antenna. World's Most Powerful Base Loaded Mobile CB Antenna. Will handle 5000 watts AM, 20,000 watts SSB ICAS ratings.

Majestic Communication (MaCo) 307
Maco, 3-Element Beam Antenna, 26.5 to 30MHz, 11dB Gain ...

Solarcon, Complete Kit, A99 with GPK-1

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