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Midland 1001Z
Midland CB Radio is built for the road with 40 channels, 4-Watt output power, and backed up with a 3 year warranty by Midland.

Uniden pro505xl
Uniden compact CB transceiver incorporates state-of-the-art microelectronics into a sophisticated Euro-styled 2-way radio.

Uniden 4
Uniden - 40 Channel Compact CB Radio with 7 Watt audio output

Cobra Electronics 19
Cobra, Compact 40 channel CB radio, illuminated LCD display, RF gain, S/RF meter

Uniden 12
Uniden - PRO520XL - Compact Professional Mobile CB Radio with CB/PA Switch.

Midland 1001LWX
Midland CB Radio with Weather Scan. Compact, easy to install and operate. Featuring NOAA weather alerts, precision digital tuning, and a large LCD display.

Uniden Pro 538W
Uniden - Mobile 40 Channel CB Radio with 3 Weather Channels, CB/PA switch.

Midland 5001Z
Midland 5001z Classic CB Radio is equipped with 4-Watt output power to give you superior range ability with the maximum communication power allowed on the market and is backed with a 3-year warranty by Midland.

Cobra Electronics 6
Cobra, Low-cost mobile CB radio with Soundtracker, channel scan and 10 weather channels.

Uniden 3
Uniden, PC68XL - Pro Series CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch Control, RF Control, 40 Channel Operation. CB/PA switch.No Longer Available.
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11PC 687PC 687

Uniden PC687
Uniden 40 Channel CB Radio has extra-large S/RF meter is easy to read form across the cab. Mic and RF gain, weather alert, noise blanker + automatic noise limiter, instant channel 9, and more.No Longer Available.
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12BC 680BC 680

Uniden BC680
Uniden CB Radio, Digital S/RF Meter, Mic gain, Wireless Mic compatible and more

Uniden 5
Uniden, CB Radio - Pro Series with Dynamic Squelch Control, w/ rugged front mic, backlit control knobs, CB/PA switch, 7 weather channels, a weather alert ... No Longer Available.
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1425 LTD Classic25 LTD Classic

Cobra Electronics 25LTDClassic
Cobra CB is Back by popular demand and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector

Uniden 2
Uniden, Bearcat Pro Series CB Radio with Ergonomic Pistol Grip Mic. 40 Channel Operation, Enhanced Night Vision Display, 7 Weather Channels, Backlit Control Knobs...

Uniden 14
Uniden, PC78XL - Pro Series, Mobile CB Radio, with Dynamic Squelch Control, CB/PA switch.. No Longer Available.
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Uniden 13
Uniden, PC78LTW - Pro Series Mobile 40 Channels CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch Control, CB/PA switch, 7 weather channels alert and more ...

Cobra 25LX
Cobra modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and very dark conditi
1929 LTD Classic29 LTD Classic

Cobra Electronics 34
Cobra CB Radio, with Professional driver-requested improvements: include a front panel microphone connector (for convenient in-dash installation), a 9-foot microphone cord and
20PC 787PC 787

Uniden PC787
Uniden CB Radio has extra-large S/RF/SWR meter. Integrated SWR meter, mic and RF gain, weather alert, noise blanker, automatic noise limiter, instant channel 9/19, and more.
2129 NW LTD29 NW LTD

Cobra Electronics 29NWLTD
Cobra CB radio with NightWatch comes to the 29 LTD Classic!

Cobra Electronics 20
Cobra 25 NW LTD CLASSIC with NightWatch, 40 Channel CB Radio, CB/PA switch. [Don't confuse this model with the old models 25NW or 25LTD]

Midland 9001Z
Midland Guardian Alert CB Radio with Weather Scan Technology, Guardian Alert, and Emergency Channels 9 and 19 to help keep you informed and safe when out on the road, the 9001z really stands up over the long haul.
2475 WXST75 WXST

Cobra Electronics 37
Cobra, Mobile Compact CB Radio with Weather Channels. So small it fits in the palm of your hand!

Uniden 15
Uniden, 40 Ch. CB radio, Delta Tune, Night Vision Display, Display Dimmer Control. A tough and powerful unit with a rugged front mic, mic gain, Ergonomic Pistol Grip Mic, 7 Weather Channels.
2629 LX29 LX

Cobra Electronics 29LX
Cobra 50th Anniversary CB Radio. Provideds the highest quality Citizen Band radios to meet the needs of the professional driver.

Cobra Electronics 29LTDCHR
Cobra 29 LTD Special Edition, Chrome Classic 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio with Chrome Mic. << Limited quantities available >>
2829 NW Classic29 NW Classic

Cobra Electronics 11
Cobra, 40 Channels CB Radio, NightWatchTM Illuminated Front Panel, 9 Foot Microphone Cord, Adjustable Dynamike Boost, Front Microphone Connector, CB/PA switch...
2925 WX NW ST25 WX NW ST

Cobra Electronics 21
Cobra 40 Channels CB Radio, 7 NOAA Weather Channels, Full RF Power Output, NightWatchTM Dimmer Control, Front Panel Microphone Connector, CB/PA switch.
3076 XTR76 XTR

Cobra Electronics 33
Cobra, Neon Blue Illumination CB Radio with Neon Illuminated Antenna, Remote Mount Installation, 40 Channels full power.
31BC 880BC 880

Uniden bc880
Uniden CB radio with Frequency Display, 7 Color Backlighting, NOAA Weather, Delta Tune, PA, Talkback and more
32RK 5640RK 5640

Road King RK5640
RoadKing - 40 Channel CB Radio with USB Port and RK56NC Mic
3329 WX NW ST29 WX NW ST

Cobra Electronics 23
Cobra 40 Channels CB Radio, 7 NOAA Weather Channels, Full RF Power Output, 9' Microphone Cord, NightWatchTM Dimmer Control, Front Panel Microphone Connector, CB/PA switch.
34BC 980 SSBBC 980 SSB

Uniden BC980SSB
Uniden CB Radio. Tough and powerful, large easy-to-read display, new features including Single Side Band USB/LSB, Clarifier, 7 Color Display Backlighting, Noise Cancelling Mic, and Wireless Mic Compatibility.
3529 LTD BT29 LTD BT

Cobra Electronics 50
Cobra CB radio with Bluetooth wireless technology, giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely
3629 LX BT29 LX BT

Cobra 29LXBT
Cobra CB radio with LCD display and Bluetooth Wireless Technology
37148 GTL148 GTL

Cobra Electronics 9
Cobra, CB radio, original 148 Version, 40 Channels AM/80 SSB Channels, 4 Watts AM/12 Watts SSB PEP Power, 9' Microphone Cord.
38DX 959DX 959

Galaxy 7
Galaxy, 40 CHANNEL AM/SSB MOBILE CB RADIO, Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales, Five-digit Frequency Display, CB/PA switch ...

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