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Vanco 426
PL258 Female Splice, Barrel Connector. Double Female UHF.
2PL 259PL 259

Amphenol PL256
Amphenol PL259 Connector For RG8 Coax

Cobra Electronics 425
BNC Connector Adapter to standard antennas, For HandHeld CB Radios and Scanners.
4CWA MNT100UNI Universal Mini MountCWA MNT100UNI Universal Mini Mount

Cobra Universal Mini Mount for Cell Phones and Mobile Devices.

Pyramid 752
Pyramid, Waterproof CB Extension Speaker
6SP-5   Horn SpeakerSP-5 Horn Speaker

Pyramid 753
Pyramid, All Weather Trumpet Speaker. 8-Ohm w/extension wire and plug. 15 Watts max.

Cobra Electronics 427
Cobra, Wall Charger for PR1000, PR2000, HH37ST, and HH38WXST.
822-405   Earbud / Microphone22-405 Earbud / Microphone

Midland 22405
Midland, Earbud / Microphone, Switchable PTT/VOX functions. See details by clicking on picture.

Optek SWR2T
Opek Compact SWR Meter up to 10 Watts.
10PDC 30 Antenna MatcherPDC 30 Antenna Matcher

Paradynamics 421
Paradynamics, antenna matcher, Frequency range 26-28 MhzNo Longer Available.
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Midland 453
Midland, 2 Over the ear Microphone Heasets w/PTT. For G-225, G-227 and GXT-300, GXT-500

Cobra Electronics 751
Cobra, Dynamic extension speaker fits all Cobra mobile CB radios.

Motorola 56320
Motorola, Earpiece with Boom Microphone. For compatibility list click on the picture.
14PDC 7PDC 7

Paradynamics PDC7
Paradynamics, Compact small 10 Watt SWR / Power Meter.

Motorola 53727
Motorola, Earbud with PTT (push to talk) Microphone. For compatibility list click on the picture.
16PDC 5PDC 5

Paradynamics 422
Paradynamics, antenna matcher, 3-function test meter, Frequency range 26-28 MhzNo Longer Available.
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Cobra Electronics 450
Cobra, Lapel Mic/Speaker with Push to Talk Control. For Cobra FRS/GMRS Microtalk radios and Hand held CBs.
18SWR 3SWR 3

Optek SWR3
Opek SWR3P 100 Watt SWR/RF Power Meter
19AVP-4   Desktop Charger w/batteriesAVP-4 Desktop Charger w/batteries

Midland 454
Midland, Desktop Charger w/batteries, vehicle and AC wall adapters for selected Midland GXT type radios.

Cobra Electronics 452
Cobra, EAR BUD Microphone with Push TO Talk Control
21AC 701   Remote intallation Box for 75 WXSTAC 701 Remote intallation Box for 75 WXST

Cobra Electronics 430
Cobra, remote installation box for the 75 WXST CB Radio.

Motorola 53743
Motorola, Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone. For compatibility list click on picture.

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