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Category:  Communications: CB, Scanners, Marine, FRS/GMRS
Subcategory:  10/11 Meter - Export Radios

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Export radios, such as the Alan, Galaxy, Superstar, etc. can operate on the US legal 40 CB channels, and many more channels as well or can easily be modified to operate on these channels. The reason these radios are for export only is that they offer additional features that are not permissible under U.S. FCC regulations. It is however legal to own and operate these radios as a receiver, you just may not transmit on the CB band or 10 meter amateur radio band, unless you have a license to do so. 

Although anyone may purchase these export radios, they are however intended for use by licensed amateur radio operators on the 10 meter band. 

It may be unlawful in your country to operate these radios within the frequencies that these units can operate on. Please check your local regulations

We assume no responsibilities for any unlicensed use of these radios. 


Galaxy 36
Galaxy, 10 Meter Mobile Radio.
2DX 99VDX 99V

Galaxy 35
Galaxy, 10 Meter Mobile Radio.

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