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Workman 40002
Workman, Omni-Directional CB Microphone for Cobra/Uniden

Workman 40010
Workman, Electret Condenser 4-Pin CB Replacement Microphone. For Uniden Pro 510/520

Vanco CBM85M
Vanco Professional Series 5 Pin DIN Microphone. for Midland CB

Vanco 40011
Vanco, Electret Condenser 4-Pin CB Replacement Microphone. For Uniden Pro 510/520 and several Cobra CB radios
5HG M73   Dinamic MicHG M73 Dinamic Mic

Cobra Electronics 40001
Cobra, HighGearTM Dynamic Mic 4-Pin Microphone
6TM2002 MicrophoneTM2002 Microphone

RoadPro 40007
RoadPro 4-Pin CB Dynamic Microphone - Black, Configured for Most Cobra/Uniden Radios

Uniden 40009
Uniden, 4 Pin Microphone for Uniden CB Fits PRO510XL, PRO520XL
8TM2009 MicrophoneTM2009 Microphone

TRUCKSPEC 5-Pin Power CB Microphone - Black, Configured for Most Cobra/Uniden Radios

TruckSpec TM2007
TruckSpec 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone - Black.
10HG M75HG M75

Cobra Electronics 40003
Cobra, Power Hand Mic W/4-Pin, HighGearTM 70 Series

Uniden BMKG0637001
Uniden 4-pin replacement microphone
12636 L636 L

Astatic 636L
Astatic Noise-Canceling 4-Pin CB Mic. Carbon Fiber Finish.

Astatic 40008
Astatic heavy Duty Power Microphone - 4pin connector, volume control
14RK 56BRK 56B

Road King RK56B
RoadKing 4-Pin Dynamic Noise Canceling Rugged hand-held CB microphone.

Astatic AST-878DM
Astatic, Amplified Ceramic Desk CB Microphone.
16Galaxy Base MicGalaxy Base Mic

Galaxy GalaxyBaseMic
Galaxy Power Base mic with Roger Beep, VU-Meter Modulation Meter, Lockable Push-To-Talk and more
17Wireless CB MicrophoneWireless CB Microphone

Uniden BC906W
Uniden Wireless DECT 6.0 Noise Canceling CB Radio Microphone. Stay connected to your compatible Uniden Bearcat CB Radio up to 100 meters away -Wirelessly!
18SS-4 Silver SaluteSS-4 Silver Salute

Workman 40004
Warkman, Power Base MicrophoneNo Longer Available.
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