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Category:  Sailing Instruments
Subcategory:  Marine Instruments

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Garmin 010-12117-08
Garmin replacement propeller
2Flat-mount KitFlat-mount Kit

Garmin 010-12023-00
Garmin Mount your GMI 20 digital instrument display or GHC 20 marine autopilot control unit into a flat panel, giving your boat a beautiful, sleek glass helm. Includes hardware, installation instructions and a template.
3Mast BracketMast Bracket

Garmin 010-12117-07
Garmin Mast Bracket (gWind Race)
4gWind Transducer OnlygWind Transducer Only

Garmin 010-12117-20
0Garmin gWind transducer features twin-fin technology with 3-bladed propeller for more accurate TWS in lighter air while
5gWind/nWind Connector Adapter Cable BundlegWind/nWind Connector Adapter Cable Bundle

Garmin 010-01403-00
Garmin bundle can be used by existing Nexus customers who are looking to replace their nWind transducer with a Garmin gWind series transducer.
6GNX 20GNX 20

Garmin 010-01142-00
Garmin easy-to-read GNX 20 marine instrument, 4 LCD display with black digits on a white or color background clearly shows depth, speed, wind and 50-plus marine and boat parameters.
7gWind Wireless Transducer OnlygWind Wireless Transducer Only

Garmin 010-12117-40
Garmin gWind Wireless transducer features renowned Nexus twin-fin technology with 3-bladed propeller, providing more accurate TWS in lighter air and more stable TWA.No Longer Available.
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8GMI 20GMI 20

Garmin 010-01140-00
Garmin digital marine instrument display is perfectly designed for both power and sail vessels. Free Shipping in continental USA
9gWind Wireless TransducergWind Wireless Transducer

Garmin 010-01248-00
Garmin easy-to-install solution that eliminates running internal cables through a mast. Free Shipping in continental USA.
10gWind Race Transducer OnlygWind Race Transducer Only

Garmin 010-12117-30
Garmin gWind Race Transducer Only
11gWind Race/nWind Connector Adapter Cable BundlegWind Race/nWind Connector Adapter Cable Bundle

Garmin 010-01403-10
Garmin bundle can be used by existing Nexus customers who are looking to replace their nWind transducer with a Garmin gWind series transducer.
12gWind Race TransducergWind Race Transducer

Garmin 010-01228-00
Garmin for racing sailboats. 3.3 feet (1 meter) straight pole to raise the transducer above the mast to remove turbulence errors.Free Shipping in continental USA.
13Wind, Depth and Speed BundleWind, Depth and Speed Bundle

Garmin 010-01248-20
Garmin Wind, Depth and Speed Bundle (gWind Wireless, GMI 20, DST800)

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