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PM 1610 Dosimeter
PM 1610 Dosimeter (Polimaster)   
ID # PM1610    Reg. Price: $999.99     Our Price: $770.00
Professional personal dosimeter for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation in the energy range 20 keV 10 MeV. The PM1610 dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals, who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive materials. The possible use areas include but not limited to: hospitals, mines, customs officers, nuclear stations personnel etc.


Polimaster's miniature professional personal dosimeter designed to monitor and measure the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and personal dose equivalent rate Ĥp(10) from both gamma and X-ray radiation. It is capable to measure both continuous and pulse (from 1 msec) X-ray and gamma radiation in the energy range from 20 keV to 10 MeV.

PM1610 dosimeter allows for setting up independent threshold alarm levels for dose and dose rate (two for each). When those thresholds are exceeded, the instrument alerts user with audio, visual and vibration alarms. Audio and vibration alarms can be enabled/disabled in the instrument setting menu

The intrument's non-volatile memory allows for manual or automatic recording up to 4000 events of the dose rate change, acute dose levels, time and levels when the present threshold values were exceeded.

PM1610 personal dosimeter performs following functions:

  • Measures continuous and pulse X-Ray and gamma radiation;
  • Alerts user via audio, visual and vibration alarms when preset thresholds are exceeded;
  • Records manually or automatically for up to 4000 events in the instruments' non-volatile memory;
  • Communicates with a PC via USB channel with the simultaneous battery charging;
  • Low battery warning;
  • User friendly interface with two button operation.

Instrument's shockproof rubberized case and the LCD with fluorescent backlight allows for easy operation even in the harshest, most unfavorable environments or weather conditions. The instrument is recommended for use by hospitals, mines, customs officers, nuclear stations personnel, and any professional who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive material.

Personal Dose Tracker software, developed by the Polimaster company, enables serial connection up to 100 units of PM1610 X-Ray and gamma radiation personal dosimeters. Software enables information transfer by USB-protocol to a personal computer to analyze, process, and generate corresponding databases in a control center or an expert center.

The main objectives of the Personal Dose Tracker software are:

  • Improvement of effectiveness and operational safety of:

- Border police and customs;
- Security services and Emergence response services;
- Medical institutions;
- Mail and cargo carriers;
- Nuclear stations personnel;
- Radiologic and isotope (tracing) laboratories;
- Emergency and first responding agencies.

  • Improved personal safety while working with radionuclides and ionizing radiation sources when carrying out researches;
  • Improved personal safety of personnel by means of constant dose and dose rate control, and instant alarm if there is personal radiation hazard;
  • Early warning of possible radiation contamination or terrorist attack.

The user software enables creation of the well defined architecture for monitoring of the personnel radiation exposure. The users can be placed into certain groups (administrator, operator, files user) with the customized access to the information and independent group or individual threshold settings. The complexity of this architecture is defined by the specific needs and requirements of the user's organization, their protocols and concepts of operations.

"Personal Dose Tracker" user software has following functionality:

  • Each instrument and user data logging;
  • Instrument configuration and settings setup;
  • Generate database of the connected instruments (up to 100 units);
  • Generate user database (up to 100 users);
  • Assign the user groups (administrator, operator, files user);
  • Set up the access level and customized threshold levels for each user role;
  • Set up the access level and customized threshold levels for each individual user;
  • Manipulate each user group and/or individual user (movement, editing, etc.);
  • Generate the overall information system, based on the data, logged from individual instruments.
  • Generate report in the text and graphic form, based on user groups or individual user data.


  • Networked Solutions
  • Customs and Border Control
  • Health Physics and Medicine
  • Individual Radiation Protection
  • Uranium Mining and Nuclear Fuel Production
GM tube
Dose Rate display
0.01 sv/h -12.0 Sv/h (1 R/h - 1200 R/h),
Hp(10) of continuous and pulsed photon radiation
(pulse duration not less than 1 ms)
Dose Rate Accuracy
(H dose rate,
(in range 0.1 sv/h - 10 Sv/h,
where H - dose rate in mSv/h)
Dose measurement
of continuous photon radiation
0.05 sv - 10 Sv
(5 R - 1000 R)
of pulsed photon radiation
(pulse duration not less than 1 ms)
10 sv - 10 Sv
(1 mR - 1000 R)
Dose Accuracy
Energy range
20.0 keV - 10.0 MeV
Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV
-60% from 20 keV to 33 keV
-40% from 33 keV to 48 keV
30% from 48 keV to 3 MeV
50% from 3 MeV to 10 MeV
Survive after momentary influence of maximum
permissible gamma radiation within 5 min:
100 Sv/h (10000 R/h)
Standards compliance
meets most relevalnt parts of
IEC 61526, and ANSI N42.20
Alarm type:
visual, audio, vibration
Physical Parameters
58 x 58 x 18 mm
(2 2/7'' x 2 2/7'' x 5/7'')
70 g (2.5 oz)
Environmental Characteristics
-20 up to +50C
(from -4 up to +122F)
up to 98% at 35C (95F)
Environmental protection
Drop test
1.5 m (4.9 ft) onto hard wooden surface
Water resistant

built-in rechargeable battery (charged via USB)
Battery lifetime
30 days
Battery discharge control
LCD indication
Countdown timer
Display of time to critical exposure
Calendar mode
PC Communication USB

Specifications, price and availability are subject to change without notice.
Gross Weight: 2  lbs.

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