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GPS 18x-5HzGarmin GPS 18x-5Hz high sensitivity WASS enabled OEM GPS sensor for use in machine control, guidance and agricultural applications that require 5 Hz position and velocity reports. Small, highly accurate GPS receiver.
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 Compact Professional Portable UHF Two-Way Radio FM Transceiver. 450 to 470MHz, 4 W, 16-chsnls.
NONM3XGNONM3XG - Night Owl Optics NexGen 3x Night Vision Scope. 500x Ambient light amplification, powerful Infrared Illumination,

GPS 15H-F (Garmin)
ID # 010-00240-16    Reg. Price: $59.50     Our Price: $49.49
GPS Performance

Receiver: WAAS enabled; 12 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position

Acquisition times:*

  • Reacquisition: Less than 2 seconds
  • Warm: Approximately 15 seconds
  • Cold: Approximately 45 seconds
  • AutoLocate: 5 minutes
  • SkySearch: 5 minutes
Update rate: 1 to 900 seconds between updates; programmable in 1-second increments

GPS accuracy:

  • Position: < 15 meters, 95% typical**
  • Velocity: 0.1 knot RMS steady state

DGPS (USCG) accuracy:

  • Position: < 3-5 meters, 95% typical**
  • Velocity: 0.1 knot RMS steady state

DGPS (WAAS) accuracy:

  • Position: < 3 meters, 95% typical**
  • Velocity: 0.1 knot RMS steady state
Dynamics: 999 knots, 6g's

Map datums: 108 predefined, 1 user


Serial interface:

Port 1: True RS-232 output, asynchronous serial input compatible with RS-232 or TTL voltage levels, RS-232 polarity

Port 2: Asynchronous serial input only, compatible with RS-232 or TTL voltage levels, RS-232 polarity

Baud rates: 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400

Serial format:

Port 1: Selectable between NMEA 0183 v2.00, NMEA 0183 v3.00, and GARMIN binary formats; Approved output sentences: GPALM, GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG; Proprietary sentences: PGRMB, PGRME, PGRMF, PGRMM, PGRMT, PGRMV

Port 2: RTCM input only; RTCM SC-104 differential input message types 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9

PPS output: 1 Hz pulse, programmable width, 1 microsecond accuracy



  • Operating: 30 Deg. to 80 Deg. C
  • Storage: -40 Deg. to 80 Deg. C


  • 1.400" x 1.805" x 0.327" (35.56 x 45.85 x 8.31 mm)


  • 0.50 oz. (14.1 g)

Connectors: 8-pin LIF for connection by flex, 1 mm pitch (Flex cable connection)


Input voltage:

  • 8 to 40 Vdc unregulated

Input current:

60 mA @ 8 Vdc peak current

50 mA @ 8 Vdc nominal current

40 mA @ 12 Vdc peak current

33 mA @ 12 Vdc nominal current

15 mA @ 40 Vdc peak current

12 mA @ 40 Vdc nominal current

Sensitivity: -165 dbW minimum

* Warm = all data known. Cold = position, time and almanac known. AutoLocate´┐Ż = almanac known, position and time unknown. SkySearch = no data known.

** Subject to accuracy degradation to 100m 2DRMS under the U.S. Department of Defense imposed Selective Availability Program.

Note: Old part number was 010-00240-11. Limited quantity of the GPS 15H-F still available.
For new designs Please select the GPS 15xH-F item 010-00240-33 instead.

Specifications, price and availability are subject to change without notice.
Gross Weight: 3  lbs.

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Antenna Accessories
010-10062-00Antenna Mount$17.65$12.95
010-10121-00MCX to BNC adapter cable$25.00$19.95
010-10139-00Antenna MountNo Longer Available.
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